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KAS Paper Systems , UK
bulletKAS Paper Systems' Mailmaster range of Envelope Inserters
bullet KAS Mailmaster C4 Compact DL to C4 Envelope Inserter
bulletKAS Mailmaster 465HS DL to C4 Envelope Inserter
bulletKAS Mailmaster 565HS DL to C5 Envelope Inserter
bulletKAS Envelope Inserting - Mailmaster KAS Eclipse
bulletKAS Variable Thickness Booklet Feeders
bulletKAS Plastic Card Mailing Systems
bulletKAS Enfolder - automated folding of documents with plastic cards attached ( เครื่องพับแผ่นกระดาษที่มีบัตรพลาสติกการ์ดติดอยู่แล้ว ยี่ห้อ แคส เปเปอร์ซีสเต็มส์ รุ่น แคส เอ็นโฟลเดอร์ )
bulletA bespoke Inserter by KAS PaperSystems UK
bulletKAS Mailwrap Polywrapping Machine
bulletKASFOLD 2000, 3000, 5000 BookletMakers
bulletKASFOLD 640 Large Format Bookletmaking
bulletKAS Integra Magazine and Folder Inserter
bulletThe KAS Paper Systems Cheque Book and Voucher Book Collator
bulletKAS CreaseMatic 150 Programmable Card Creaser
bulletKAS CreaseMatic Auto50
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bulletIBIS Product Specifications
bulletIBIS INSIDER - Digital Goes To Church
bulletIBIS Smart-binder Off-line SB-3 'Plus HS' a Digital Exam-Paper Production
bulletIBIS' Feedback from Colourtech Printing South Africa
bulletIBIS Feed Back from Alphabet SA in Athens, Greece
bulletIBIS Smart-Binder SB-3 for Korean Market
bullet IBIS Smart-Binder for 'Small Format' Booklets
bulletIBIS Smart-Binder installed at Lellyett and Rogers, USA
bulletIBIS Smart-data add-on for the IBIS Smart-Binder system
Ballad, Stanza, Epic and Poem
bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey by Bicycles from Lom Sak , Thailand to Viantiane, Loas in 1939
bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey from LOM SAK to KENG TUNG ( Kyaing Tong - Burma ) in 1943
bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey from Lom Sak to Phu Kradueng in 194X
bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey Along Pha Sak River from Lomsak to Ayudhaya in 1951
bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey from Lom Sak to Nakhonsawan in 1953
bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey from Bangkok to North Eastern Provinces of Thailand in 1954
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Kian Gwan provides a range of the highest quality and latest technology equipment of  KAS Paper Systems Limited , United Kingdom  which is included  Flexible Envelope Inserting Systems and Mailwrap Polywrapping Systems   to  Thailand , Myanmar, Cambodia and Lao People's Democratic Republic market backed by excellent after-sales service and support of following :-


1.     KAS Mailmaster 465HS - DL to C4 Envelope Inserter, upto 6,000 envelopes per hour 

The Flexible Envelope Inserting System

          The KAS Mailmaster 465HS Envelope inserter handles DL to C4 envelopes, inserting at speeds of up to 6000 completed envelopes per hour. 

          It combines a unique design with proven technology, backed by over 50 years experience in mailing.  
Designed and manufactured in Britain, this comprehensive modular enveloping system offers flexibility, durability and ease of set up.

          Insert stations can handle a wide variety of material including single sheets, card, reply envelopes, pre-loaded items, stapled sets, cd's and book.  
It is possible to pre-select the number of items fed from an insert station, and have the feed switch automatically from one station to another when it runs low.   

          Fast Sheet Feeders can feed, accumulate and insert flat for C4, or fold and insert for DL and C5 according to codes read on the documents.

          Our camera reading system adds more flexibilty as it reads OMR, 1D and 2D barcodes in either orientation on the page. Jobs can be pre-programmed thus minimising set up time.

          Our reading technology facilitates batching the prime document, selection of inserts, merging and matching of two or more streams of personalsied documentation, diverting of filled envelopes before sealing, envelope marking, document tracking and integrity checking.

          An important feature of the Mailmaster 465HS is the remarkably quick changeover from one job to another that is possible, even to go from DL to C4.


        A choice of touch screens are available that controls the machine operation.

        The screens give station selection, speed control, re-settable counter, help pages, output speed and error location display. 




          Job control and reporting software is available which provides further on screen run information, and facilitates job control, document tracking, data storage and reporting.  



 See It In Operation

 Click below to see the KAS Mailmaster 465 in operation :

 KAS 465HS  Flexible Envelope Inserting system in operation


Click also below to see the KAS DVD Enclosure in  operation :


   KAS 465HS   DL to C4 Envelope Inserter    


  • Up to 6,000 enveloped per hour output
  • Quick changeover between jobs
  • Durable British Construction 
  • Packing thickness up to 15mm for some applications


  • Inserts into envelopes from DL to oversize C4
  • Side insert stations feed a wide variety of material up to 7mm thick
  • Multiple feeding from each insert feeder to preset number or code selected quantity
  • Hand feed position
  • Additional modular feeders
  • OMR, Barcode, 2D and OCR available

     Ease of Operation

  • Pivoting touch control screen provides run information, error location and help pages
  • Easy setup and changeover
  • Top load feeders for ease of filling, without stopping the machine.
  • Envelope and insert feeder low level sensors
  • Station linking, to increase loading capacity
  • Output conveyor stacker


  • Error Divert facility*
  • Unique insertion system positively guides the inserts into the envelopes
  • Insert stations have miss, jam and double detectors
  • Ultrasonic double detectors on Fast Sheet Feeders
  • Further sensors throughout to stop the machine in case of error
  • Test mode for running a trail insertion
  • Sequential start up/ clear down
  • Choice of reading technology
  • Document tracking and output checking options

     Other Features Available

  • Variable thickness booklet feeder
  • Choice of high speed cut sheet feeder/accumulators
  • Document accumulation and nest folding
  • Continuous forms cutter
  • In-line dynamic corner stapling and booklet making
  • Further hand feed positions
  • High capacity loaders
  • Job control software and reporting
  • File based insertion
  • Filled envelope divert

    Error Divert :

 Whether it’s a ‘no code found’ on a blank sheet, a misread of a code or a document   miss-feed, when an error occurs on a mailing line, it is important to identify and resolve it quickly and reliably. 

But how can you be sure that the error has been rectified properly and that everything is still in order and in the right place on restart?

The Error Divert facility from KAS Paper Systems is now available on both our Mailmaster 465HS and Mailmaster 565HS machines.
It automatically out-sorts any documents and individual mailings with which an error was associated. All the documents involved in the error are inserted into an unsealed envelope and automatically re-routed to a separate conveyor, where they can be checked and modified, or re-printed as appropriate.

The system is extremely flexible and enables users to pre-select the type of errors to be out-sorted. It also enables users to set what level of divert tolerance they require (e.g. which documents are set as critical, or to divert a certain number of mailings along side the identified problem).

It works in conjunction with our job control and reporting software which will track and report on the recipients’ references, the number of prime documents and enclosures for each envelope, and time of processing. It will also record on the main run report any associated errors and which items were out-sorted.

A separate error report is provided detailing these out-sorted items which can then be used as a reprint list.

Additional options include the fitting of a hand held scanner which can be used to scan diverted documents that have been manually accepted from the error conveyor.

Integrity of mailing data is obviously critically important for users sending secure data, such as those in the financial services sector.

However, with the problems associated with identity theft, mailing integrity is a growing concern for any organisation handling personalised mailings. So it is not surprising that Error Divert, in association with the job control and reporting software, is now a required option for most of our mailing system customers who work with variable personalised data. 

2.     KAS Mailmaster 565HS - DL to C5 Envelope Inserter, upto 7,200 envelopes per hour 

The Flexible Envelope Inserting System

click here for more information of KAS 565HS Flexible Envelope Inserting.

3.     KAS Mailwrap Polywrapper

Simple and Effective Poly Wrapping System

Click here to read more information of KAS Mailwrap Poly Wrapper
         We, Kian Gwan  Sales Department, are pleased to receive your questions and/or consultation about our products. Please kindly fill in  below form and send it to us.  

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