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bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey by Bicycles from Lom Sak , Thailand to Viantiane, Loas in 1939
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bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey from Lom Sak to Phu Kradueng in 194X
bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey Along Pha Sak River from Lomsak to Ayudhaya in 1951
bulletA Collection of Poems Depicting of Journey from Lom Sak to Nakhonsawan in 1953
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About Us
建源公司 Kian Gwan Gong Si
กลุ่มบริษัท เคี่ยนหงวน
Kian Gwan Group of Companies

1.  Kian Gwan Commercial Co., Ltd.

 2. Kian Gwan Group of Companies 

 Kian Gwan Commercial Co.,Ltd. 
( Thai บริษัท เคี่ยนหงวน วิสาหกิจ จำกัด,mandarin 建源商業有限公司,pinyin Jiàn Yuán  Shāng Yǒu Xiàn Gōng  Si  )

is a successful, growing company dedicated to achieving superior results by assuring that its actions are aligned with stakeholder expectations. Stakeholders are all constituencies with a stake in the fortunes of the company. Kian Gwan's primary mission is to create value for our stakeholders.

  • We believe in conducting our business activities with integrity and respect while building mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with all of our stakeholders.
  • We take customer satisfaction personally; we are committed to providing superior value in our products and services on a continuing basis.
  • We respect the individuality of each employee and foster an environment in which employees' creativity and productivity are encouraged, recognized, valued and rewarded. 
  • We think of our suppliers as partners who share our goal of achieving the highest quality standards and the most consistent level of service.
  • We are committed to being caring and supportive corporate citizens within the nationwide communities in which we operate.  



                 The Kian Gwan Group < Kian Gwan Kongsi ( Source of Prosperity for Everyone ) ; mandarin   建源公司, pin yin พินอิน  Jiàn Yuán  Si  or  Kian Gwan Kongsi  in Min Nan Chinese, Teochew (Chaozhou), Hokkien(Fujian)  ภาษาไทยอ่านว่า บริษัท เคี่ยนหงวน ถ้าออกเสียงตามภาษาจีนถิ่นหมิน หรือ แต้จิ๋ว หรือ ฮกเกี้ยน ว่า เคี่ยนหงวน กงสี หรือตามภาษาจีนกลางว่า essentially a Chinese multi-national conglomerate whose two main operating companies in Thailand are Kian Gwan ( Thailand ) Company Limited  , mandarin 建源泰國有限公司, pinyin  Jiàn Yuán  Tài Guó  Yǒu Xiàn Gōng  Si  and Kian Gwan Commercial Company, Limited (  thai บริษัท เคี่ยนหงวน วิสาหกิจ จำกัด , mandarin 建源商業有限公司, pinyin Jiàn Yuán  Shāng Yǒu Xiàn Gōng  Si   . The former has a paid up capital of US$ 5 million whereas the latter one of US$ 1 million. In Thailand, as in most other cities, the group’s principal assets are invested in commercial real estate. Its net assets are conservatively estimated in the region of US$ 450 million. >  เจี้ยนเยวี๋ยน กงซือ is> Gōng 


                 importing sugar from parent company in Indonesia. It activities  of general trading includes tin, rubber,  teak   &  other staple commodities . It then expanded to include trading in industrial products, building material and equipment. The company opened Kian Gwan Motors division ( Thai เคี่ยนหงวน มอเตอร์ส หรือ    เคี่ยนหงวน (ไทย) แผนกรถยนต์ , mandarin 建源( ) 汽車部, pinyin Jiàn Yuán  Tài Guó  Bù    Chē Bù  > to distribute the prestige automobiles to

    Kian Gwan ( Siam ) Company Limited   < Thai บริษัท เคี่ยนหงวน (สยาม) จำกัด, mandarin 建源(暹羅 )汽車部,pinyin  Jiàn Yuán  Xiān Luó  Yǒu Xiàn Gōng  Si >  was established in Thailand as a branch of its Indonesian Head Office in 1932 .  On 24 December 1936 the company was registered under the name Kian Gwan ( Siam ) Co., Ltd. < English Kian Gwan ( Siam ) Company Limited, mandarin 建源(暹羅 )汽車部,pinyin Jiàn Yuán  Xiān Luó  Yǒu Xiàn Gōng  Si > with the initial registered capital amount 150,000.00 Baht.  The country's official name was Siam  until 23 June 1939 ( B.E. 2482 ), when it was changed to Thailand by the government of Prime Minister Field Mashal P. Phibun Songkhram ; Thailand ( 泰國 ) was renamed Siam ( 暹羅 ) between 1945 and 11 May 1949, after which the name Thailand was once again adopted. In the year 1941 Kian Gwan ( Siam ) Company Limited has registered with Thai government a new name Kian Gwan Co. ( Thailand ) Limited  < Thai บริษัท เคี่ยนหงวน ( ไทย ) จำกัด, mandarin 建源(泰國)有限公司, pinyin Jiàn Yuán  Tài Guó  Yǒu Xiàn Gōng  Si    >. 




     Kian Gwan Building with Kian Gwan Motors and Caltex Gasoline Station at Suriwongse Road


    Initially, Kian Gwan ( Thailand ) company, as it is commonly known, dealt primarily with 



     Thailand market which were included  Oldsmobile, GMC Trucks, Jaguar, Ferrari, Morris of  British Motor Corp, Holden, Prince from Japan and Vespa Scooters ( VESPA ).  



    Advertisement Boards of Kian Gwan Motors in the early years , G.M.C. Trucks (left) , Oldsmobile Automobiles (right)  





    Besides these , Kian Gwan was operated a shipping lines Compagnie Maritime des Chargeurs Réunis ( บริษัทเดินเรือ จาร์เกอร์รูนิส )  to provide sea-freight shipment of goods  to worldwide market. In 1940 , Kian Gwan Co., (China) Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong for general import / export at Hong Kong Bank Building. Kian Gwan ( Siam ) Company Limited also imported Rex Rotary to distribute black & white photo-copy machines to Thailand market and become  the sole-distributor to Thailand market of National Cash Register Company in selling Cash Registers and Accounting Machines. The National Cash Register Co. is now becoming the  NCR Corporation   which  is one of the most  famous computer manufacturer of United States. The company businees has been expanded rapidly. The goods and services of company became well-known and popular  to all sectors  which are included government offices banks finance companies government enterprises and companies. 





    Cash Register : In most shops or retail stores, each transaction was meticulously rung up on the cash register kept on or behind the counter. In those days , the register was most commonly the glistening, sumptuously embossed, 'brassbound' model made by the National Cash Register Company. The machine recorded each transaction on a journal roll so that the shopkeeper was able to balance his cash against the record after each day's business.  



    Advertising board of Kian Gwan Motors in the year 1960 , Morris Automobile  at Rajathevi Intersection







    Kian Gwan Co. (Thailand) had established an NCR Division in Thailand ( Bangkok )  to import "NCR Paper"(กระดาษเอ็นซีอาร์)  or Cabonless Copy Paper (กระดาษทำสำเนาในตัว คาร์บอนเลสก๊อปปี้เปเปอร์ ) to Thailand and Burma market . In 1953, two of chemists Barrett K. Green and Lowell Schleicher of National Cash Register Company  in Dayton Ohio submitted a patent "Pressure responsive record materials" for a carbonless copy paper. This became US Patent 2,730,457 and was commercialized worldwide as "NCR Paper".

    Below are some of  NCR product lines and classes that Kian Gwan Co. ( Thailand ) Ltd and Kian Gwan Commercial Co., Ltd. had commercially installed and serviced to customers in our  region :





    1. NCR Retail System - NCR Class 84




    2. NCR Retail System - NCR Class 100



    3. NCR Retail System - NCR Class 21



    4. NCR Retail System - NCR Class 24






    5.  NCR Cash Register Class 3  






    NCR Class 3 Cash Register ( a picture from display board of Sri Fah Restaurant  at Central World , Bangkok )



    6.  NCR Retail System - NCR Class 51 





    7. NCR Retail System - NCR Class 52





    8. NCR Retail System - NCR Class 6000 




    9.  NCR Retail System - NCR Class 2000






    10.  NCR Class 160 Book Keeping Machine






    11. NCR Financial System - NCR Class 29 ( Post-Tronic ) - Vacuum Tube  ,Vacuum Tube,a bank machine for posting current account  transaction that is using magnetic stripe technology. 




    12. NCR Class 3000 Book Keeping Machine - Electro Mechnical








    13.  NCR Class 30 Book Keeping Machine - Electro Mechnical, a product which was manufacturered by NCR plant in Augsburg, Germany and serviced by Kian Gwan Commercial Company / NCR Thailand.   


    A sticker placed on a used NCR Class 30 Accounting Machine which was shown that this machine was sold &

    serviced by Kian Gwan Commercial Company , a sole distributor of NCR Corporation in Thailand  









    14. NCR Class 31 Book Keeping Machine - Electro Mechnical 























    15. NCR Class 450  Proof Machine with 40 Pockets








    16. NCR Class 775  Proof System with upto 20 pockets and listing tapes, MICR/OCR Encoding 





    17.  NCR 7750 Distributive Document Processing System which handles most of the work in a bank's proof, sorting and reject/ re-entry documents




    18. NCR Class 42 Window Posting Machine / Bank's Teller Machine with pass book printing 





    19. NCR Class 32 Accounting Machine - Electro-Mechanical









    20. NCR Class 33  Accounting Machine








    21. NCR Class 441  Compu-Tronic ( Vacuum Tube )





    22. NCR Class 18  Electronic Adding Machine





    23. NCR 446  Electronic Accounting Machine ( NCR Augsburg , Germany ) - Transitors and Semiconductors





    24. NCR 395 Electronic Data Processing System - Transistors / Semi Conductor




    25. NCR 400 Electronic Accounting Machine ( Magnetic Ledger Card System ) . The machine was built with discrete components , mostly - transistors, resistors and diodes. The components were soldered to rows/columns of wire wrap modules with interconnecting wires wrapped to each of  module pin. The intermittent problem of such a cold joint in soldering or faulty transistor, diode, resistor, capacitor etc. had to be found and replaced it step by step 'PC' Program-Counts' troubleshooting which was mostly by using  Tektronic Oscilloscope .

 The technical training classes on NCR 400 in those days in 1970 were around 12-16 weeks . They were conducted by NCR Australia at The Technical Training School , Turrella , Sydney , New South Wales,  Australia . The training courses were classes of Basic Computer Concenpts and theory of NCR Class 400.











NCR 400 KEYBOARD LAYOUT ( manufactured circa 1969 - 1971 )



26.   NCR 279 Financial Terminal






27.  NCR 299  Electronic Accounting System






NCR 299





                                                                                                     NCR 299


28. NCR 399 Mini Computer


NCR had produced NCR 605 Processor which was the computer engine for the NCR 399 and NCR 499 mini computer,

and NCR 8200 IMOS COBOL systems.





29. NCR  499  Data Processing System

NCR 499 data processing system is a low cost, general-purpose computer designed for first-time computer users in the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, educational, government , medical industries, retail industries and finance industries . Basic system features a 12K processor, 75- character-per-minute bi-directional matrix printer, magnetic tape cassette transport, and continuous forms handler. Magnetic tape cassette can be used to enter data and application software. Optional features include expanded memory, up to four magnetic tape cassette transports, and continuous forms feeder. The system can also accommodate peripheral units such as line printers, card reader and disk unit. 





30.  NCR Japan Field Engineering Services  / Japan - Tokyo NCR Kamata Factory / Japan - NCR Oiso Factory

31. NCR Japan Oiso Factory, NCR Institute of Technology - Japan, Oiso Prefecture

32. NCR 2151 Retail Terminal






33.  NCR 2152 Retail Terminal for Cash Receipting of Revenue Department, Government Sector 



34. NCR 2251 Financial Terminal



35. NCR 8150  Interactive Direct Processing System ( IDPS Operating System )





36. NCR 8200 Interactive Multi Operating System ( IMOS) with CRT Terminal NCR 796-101 (ADDS)







37.  NCR Decision Mate V ( Personal Computer )




38.  NCR  2113  Electronic Cash Register







39.  NCR  2114  Electronic Cash Register





40.  NCR  2116  Electronic Cash Register




41.  NCR  2120  Electronic Cash Register




42.  NCR  2125  Electronic Cash Register






43.  NCR  2160   Food Service System / Bar & Restaurant System consists of multiple electronic point-of-service terminal linked to a compact in-store processor

44.  NCR 9300 32 BIT VLSI Mainframe ( ITX Operating System )



45.  NCR Tower  / NCR 1632



46. NCR 7900 Model 1   Interactive Data Display Terminal





47.  NCR 7740 Proof and Document Encoder



48.   NCR 2950 POS/M  The Retail System







49.   NCR 3450  Mini Tower /  UNIX SVR4 MP RAS 



50.   NCR 5887  Automatic Teller Machine ( ATM ) 



           During the years Kian Gwan had imported many paper transfer sheets for signature verification system from a corporation in New York USA . In a box of transfer sheets for signature verification, it  is contained 200 sheets in 64x95mm size of chemical pads for any bank tellers to request new account holder  to sign on the pad of two of his signatures to transfer those signatures chemically transfer  to the last sheet of the new pass book of  saving account or fixed deposit account for the purpose of future account holder verification by a UV (ultra violet ) lighting system. The paper transfer sheets for signature verification system helps  banks to do business more securely on each of transaction of deposit and withdrawal to any bank accounts by paper-based transactions on pass books. The paper transfer sheets for signature verification is implemented and  used by all of the  banks in Thaland .

              In 1950  Kian Gwan bought a piece of land in total area  of 4 rai ( 6,400 square merter ) on House Number 283 Suriwongse Road, Umphuer Bangrak, Changwat Pranakorn  to build company headquarter ,  and due to the business was expanded rapidly in the year 1968 the company had sold this piece of property and had managed to purchase a new piece of land of total area approximately 9 rai ( 14,400 square meter ) on Wireless Road  for constructing new office  Kian Gwan 1 which is a 14 storey  building and a 4 storey parking building. The construction of these two buildings were completed in the year 1973. The company had moved from Suriwongse building to Kian Gwan House 1 and the remaining space in this new building have been rented mostly to  international companies and embassies. 

The company also established a subsidiary; Erawan Motor Company Limited which was housed at the 4 storey building in the compound  to oversee the automobile  distribution of Ford USA automobiles. During this period, Kian Gwan also opened an automobile assembly plant. 

         In 1970 - 1971 , Kian GwanCo. (Thailand) Ltd. imported vinyl flooring material with representation and warehousing in Bangkok  from  Pegulan-Werke AG , Germany. A wide range of quality Pegulan floor tiles and tiling products, abrasive materials and adhesive compounds for the building industries were introduced to Thailand market by Kian Gwan Co. ( Thailand ) Ltd.  Kian Gwan Co. ( Thailand ) was also agency of Shipping Lines  Compagnie Maritime des Chargeurs Reunis ( บริษัทเดินเรือ จาร์เกอร์รูนิส ) which direct sailings between Bangkok port and northern Europe ports.

          In 1970 - 1973 , Kian Gwan Co. ( Thailand ) Ltd. opened a branch office in Korat, Maung District of Nakornrachasima province which is situated in the north-eastern parts of Thailand.    

          In 1975  Kian Gwan imported for Thailand market traditional consumables and supplier products for Offset printing industry from Hanns Eggen GmbH & Co. KG ,  Brüggen Germany ( บรูกเกน ประเทศเยอรมัน ). Kian Gwan supplied Hanns Eggen 's liquid developer to partners for all positive printing plates making of prepress films of Offset printing industry.

         XX  Provide advanced communications capabilities to link heterogeneous  systems.

        Strategic emphasis on these points provides the high-volume distribution needed to reduce development costs and increase the yield from our overall investments.




            In 1976  Kian Gwan ( Thailand ) Company had transferred all importing and exporting businesses to the sister company ; Kian Gwan Commercial Co., Ltd. Kian Gwan ( Thailand ) Company has emphasized   only on real-estate and property development.



            In 1987  the company had seen the arising of requirement in the near future of new office space for tenants Kian Gwan had additionally built  the Kian Gwan 2 building on the same plot of land of Kian Gwan 1 building. The Kian Gwan 2 is 19 storey building . The building was divided into 14 floors for office rental and 5 floors for parking space. The building has facilitated with luxury decorations to meet the demand of the target tenants and most of which are the international companies. Kian Gwan is  currently operating two office building on Wireless Road in downtown Bangkok.

             In 1991   the Kian Gwan ( Thailand ) Company has leased on 30 years of a piece of land  nearby in total area of 1 rai 2 ngarn 70 square wah (  2,680 square meter )   from Crown Property Bureau and had developed into Indosuez Building which is on the corner of Wireless/Sarasin Roads. It is sublet to various sub-tenants. In  2015 , the Indosuez Building is renamed to be Kian Gwan House Building 3 .




           In year 1995 - 2005, Kian Gwan Commercial  Co. was the first  to introduce to Thailand the Automated Currency Exchange Machines , which were manufactured by Cable Print Company, J. Cardijnstraat 14-16,  B-9420 Erpe-Mere , Belgium. Various OMNI Automated Currency Exchange Machines were installed at below sites for servicing to tourists who visited Thailand for exchanging automatically from 15-20 foreign currency bank notes into Thailand bank notes and coins :   




Bangkok Bank PCL., H.O. , Silom Road, Bangkok 

- Bangkok International Airport ( Don Maung )  , Bangkok Bank PCL. 

- Krung Thai Bank PCL., H.O. , North Nana Road, Bangkok

- Bangkok International Airport ( Don Maung )  , Krung Thai Bank. 

Bank of Asia , Amarin Plaza , Ploenchit Road, Bangkok

-  Nakorn Thon Bank PCL. Surawongse Road, Bangkok

- Siam Commercial Bank PCL, Grand Palace / Emeral Budha Temple


          In September  1997, Kian Gwan Commercial  Co. was the first  to introduce to Thailand the Automated Tablet Dispensing Machines , which were manufactured by Tosho Inc., Japan. Various TOPRA 256Y  Automated Tablet Dispensing Machines were installed at below sites for servicing to public hospital for long-term care unit that requires speed and continuous high volume tablet dispensing.

- Hospital,  Tamakha District, Kanchanaburi Province

- Hospital,  Sena District, Ayudhaya Province

- Hospital,  Maung District, Buriram Province     

            The Kian Gwan ( Thailand ) Company also owns a building in London, England which has been divided into units for long term leases. 

             Kian Gwan also owns two plots of land ; one on the Rama IV Road , Bangkok and one in Sriracha, Cholburi-these have not been developed yet.



              Kian Gwan Commercial Co., Ltd. is a sister company of Kian Gwan Group which has approx. 70 employees. Kian Gwan principal bankers are the Siam Commercial Bank.  The current business emphasis of Kian Gwan Commercial Company is on distribution of industrial & engineering products, computer hardware and software, networking support & software services, industrial & engineering maintenance services. The computer trading & servicing activities are directed at the Open Systems marketplace. The division focuses its resources achieving a rate of revenue growth higher than the industry average while maintaining above average profitability and a conservative balance sheet. Our efforts to achieve these objectives are reflected in the fundamental way we think about our business; "offering a product set ".

              In order to sell our products successfully into all applicable markets, it is important that we develop flexible products and systems which can be easily integrated by customers and third parties at the appropriate levels. In order to achieve such product and system flexibility, we focus on the following:







          XX   Incorporate leading-edge technology into our offering,

          XX   Convergence to a common set of platforms as appropriate,

         XX   Use industry standards wherever practical,

         XX   Implement " Open System " architecture so that multiple vendour devices can be added easily ,






















  • We are dedicated to creating value for our shareholders and financial communities by performing in a manner that will enhance return on investments. 










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