Wei Guan Cut Sheet Feeder model CSF-3870

The Cut Sheet Feeder CSF-3870 is a top sheet, air suction feeding system, it is capable of efficiently feeding a wide range of paper types and weights at an impressive feeding speed and stability.

CSF-3870 equips with a feeder pile capacity of 370 mm and feeds different substrates and papers stocks which range from 100 gsm to 550 gsm at speed up to 6,000 A4 sheets/4,800 SRA3 sheets per hour. Using a simple 5-24 Volts electrical input signal for systems’ integration on START/STOP, CSF-3870 will complement most other systems easily and also perfectly.

With the impressive specifications and its competitive price, CSF-3870 undoubtedly is an ideal complement to customers’ production equipment.

Specifications :

Maximum Paper Size: 380 mm x 700 mm
Minimum Paper Size: 210 mm x 250 mm
Maximum Paper thickness: 550 gsm
Minimum Paper thickness: 100 gsm
Output Height: 950 mm ~ 1,000 mm
Speed: A4 : 40 – 100 sheets/min
A3+: 25 – 80 sheets/min
Maximum Feeder Pile Capacity: 370 mm
Feeding Method: Vacuum Belt
Physical Size: 925 mm long x 685mm wide x 1080mm high
Power: AC 110V or 220V, 50-60 Hz