FT-12 Foil Fuser

FT-12 is a manual model of single color foil fuser. The digital control on temperature and speed, and a special tension control system for the Unwind and Rewind shafts ensures the high quality results of foil fusing.

FT-12 accepts sheets up to 320 mm wide and foil rolls within the range of 50 to 320 mm wide are available. No make-ready supplies or dies are required. No special operation skills are required. You can quickly and economically produce the beautiful and shining finished products like greeting cards, business cards, and certificates.

The simple, compact digital foil fusers are absolutely great solutions for small quantities of finishing productions.

Specifications :

Maximum Paper Size: 480 mm x 340 mm
Minimum Paper Size: 110 mm x 50 mm
Maximum Roll Width: 320 mm
Minimum Roll Width: 50 mm
Paper thickness: 80 gsm – 350 gsm
Speed 800 mm/min ~ 3250 mm/min
Temperature Range 80 ℃ ~ 140 ℃
Feeding Method: Hand Feed
Warm-Up Time 15 mins