FT-22F Foil Fuser

FT-22F is Wei Guan’s latest foil fusing machine. A second set of foil support and rewind shaft makes two colors of foils can be fused to the toner images on the same sheet in a single pass. FT-22F is an automated friction feed model, it has a sprung loaded friction plate which reduces the chances of two sheets being fed at the same time beneath the central feed wheels.

The FT-22F foil fuser will accept sheets up to 320 mm wide, and foil rolls of any length that range between 50 mm and 320 mm are available. With the paper sensor mounted on the lower plate of the feed tray detects stock in the feeder, FT-22F could stop the feeder running when stock is no longer detected to minimize the foil waste.

FT-22F is also available to a wide range of colors and effects, including wallpaper holograms. Small quantity of greeting cards, business cards, certificates, and other personalized products can always be enhanced with foils easily and quickly using Wei Guan’s foil fusing machines.

Specifications :

Maximum Paper Size: 480 mm x 340 mm
Minimum Paper Size: 110 mm x 140 mm
Maximum Total Roll Width: 320 mm
Minimum Single Roll Width: 50 mm
Paper thickness: 80 gsm – 350 gsm
Speed 800 mm/min ~ 3250 mm/min
Temperature Range 80 ℃ ~ 140 ℃
Feeding Method: Friction, Top Feed
Warm-Up Time 15 mins