Wei Guan Zip-21A Card Cutter

Zip-21A Card CutterWei Guan Zip-21A is the high quality card cutter which can cut, slit, score, and perforate prints in one pass. It is equipped with a steady air feed system and a double sheet detector, thereby reduce the problems which may occur with the digital stocks. Zip-21A also surpasses other digital finishing machines in the storage space, 999 job memories, which is useful for the users to re-establish their jobs.

Wei Guan Zip-21A can register the sheets from a registration mark or the lead edge of the sheets, the mark registration mode eliminates the common problems of image up-and-down shifts from the digital printers. All the settings can be easily programmed via the touch screen. Likewise, there are also many optional cassettes to meet customers’ various digital finishing demands(different size of cards, score lines or perforation lines).


Maximum Paper Size: 330 mm x 470 mm
Minimum Paper Size: 145 mm x 145 mm
Maximum Paper thickness: 400 gsm (0.5 mm)
Cutting Speed: 288 finished cards per minute.
Maximum Cutting Length: 210 mm
Job Memory 999 programs
Centre Slit Gutter: 6 mm
Maximum Feeder Pile Capacity: ~ 150 mm
Feeding Method: Suction, top feed
Physical Size: 1100 mm long x 680 mm wide x 1100 mm high


A3 Cassette Sample   download